Another project completion! This pre-1900 solid brick and stone house in Eynsham had no insulation. Our client endured fridge-like winter temperatures, so sought a specialist architect to help improve thermal comfort. Following a whole house appraisal, we proposed insulation to walls, skeilings, lofts, and some areas of floor. Due to reasons of cost, disruption, and practical application, some wall insulation was omitted, which was deemed acceptable as the wall is south facing.

We visited recently for a final defects inspection and to photograph the completed project. It happened to be a warm day with sun beaming down onto the south-facing roof. Our client reported that prior to the building work, the underside of the skeilings would be hot to the touch, effectively acting like giant radiators in the rooms. However, the now insulated skeilings remained very cool. This is a testament to the efficacy of wood fibre insulation installed in the right places.

The end result is a family home that is now both beautiful and comfortable to live in. As architects, we’re proud to deliver success stories like this. Talk to us if you have a similar project in mind.