It’s project completion season…or at least, project completion photography season! Oxford-based architectural photographer Dan Paton spent a gorgeous summer’s day shooting our showcase extension and deep retrofit in East Oxford. He spent the whole day from dawn ‘til dusk (and that’s a long time at the height of summer) making sure that every view and detail we discussed was captured, as the sunlight washed over every surface at varying angles of intensity.

On this shot of the rear elevation, the shadows cast by the bright summer sun really set off the clean crisp lines of the external wall insulation, white silicone render, and new triple glazed windows and doors. Meanwhile, the herringbone brick patio made up of all the old bricks from the demolition of the previously existing walls and chimney breasts, reinstates the warmth and character of the original Edwardian house. Together, they strike a wonderful balance between old and new.

Dan has done an amazing job and the results are truly superb. We hope to show off the final photos very soon. Talk to us if you’d like a specialist retrofit architect to help you achieve a similar project.