Dr. Mina Samangooei

ARB, RIBA, PhD, MSc, DipArch, BA hons

Mina’s extensive range of experience in practice includes residential, commercial, community, healthcare, and ecclesiastical buildings. Passionate about inspiring and working with people and communities to understand the need for future-proofing their projects, through lifestyle and long-term resilience. Mina has worked closely with co-housing and community led housing groups, thriving in the role as designer and design facilitator. Ecological and energy-efficient design and retrofit, including Enerphit, using a holistic approach is a main strength.

Mina is also an academic, with research focusing on the role that food production in and on buildings plays for the future of cities. Mina’s PhD looked at behaviour theory in relation to people cultivating edible plants on buildings, which has been brought into practice through workshops and other live projects. Mina is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Technology at Oxford Brookes University, leading undergraduate and postgraduate modules and conducting research with collaborators.

Outside of these two roles, Mina likes to play and win board games, participate in the Oxford parkrun, cook Persian cuisine (crunchy tahdig is a winner at home), and bake a variety of vegan and non-vegan cakes for vegan and non-vegan family members and friends.