Say hello to Felicia! We’re thrilled to welcome Felicia Todericiu to Sow Space as a Project Architect. Her passion for design and construction and enthusiasm for life strengthens our team and again, expands our offering. Architecture is about people, and Felicia considers the home the best place to start to improve the quality of our lives. She believes an architect must oversee all work stages and all intricate details of a project to be able to successfully turn a concept into reality.

Felicia is doing exactly this, taking on contract admin duties to see a complex project through on site. She leads a number of projects with technical challenges that happen to have a recurring theme of rebuilding roofs. Felicia loves to travel and sees local cuisine as the best way to get to know a place. An ideal day would involve yoga, quality coffee, and a good book. You’ll also find Felicia taking marathon-length walks with her family along the river, into the countryside, and beyond.

As we grow our team, we’re able to take on more complex and ambitious projects, as well as reduce our lead time for new project starts. Talk to us if you have a low impact project that we can help with.