As we welcome the cooler autumn weather and say goodbye to the heatwaves, our summer social seems a long time ago! Our team ventured off to explore the city of Oxford as if we were newcomers. We hopped on the iconic hop-on, hop-off bus, which allowed us to see Oxford’s historic streets in a whole new light. But this was no ordinary sightseeing tour; one of our team members mapped out the best pubs along the route, laying the groundwork for an unusual pub crawl!

What made this outing all the more remarkable was the transformation of our pub-hopping adventure into a mix of cultures and experiences. We ate Thai food in a traditional English pub, sampled local beers along the way,  and closed the day with steaming bowls of ramen, celebrating our shared passion for Asian cuisine. Our adventure took a playful turn with a number of engaging board games, varying from team-related to imaginative guesswork puzzles – we learnt a lot about each other! 

So, not only are we specialists in low energy and ecological building design, we are now experts in where to eat and drink in Oxford! After our summer break, we are refreshed and ready for your new projects.