Windows installed! The windows on our Oxford new build were installed using a spider crane, which can move through very tight spaces, before stretching its legs to stabilise itself. These large panels were particularly heavy too, being alu-clad timber frames with triple glazed units. The thermally broken engineered timber frames offer a low embodied energy and a warm internal finish, while the relatively small amount of aluminium cladding provides a robust maintenance-free external finish.

The large expanses of glazing were designed to provide picturesque views of the fields beyond. While the high-performance glazing offers Passivhaus levels of insulation and minimal thermal bridging, there is potential for overheating. As well as specifying lower g-value solar control glass, a large flat roof overhang provides shading to the ground floor, while the yet-to-be-installed vertical timber cladding will have a deep void behind to accommodate future external roller blinds.

There are many factors to consider when aiming to achieve a low energy, sustainable, and comfortable build. Talk to us if you’re looking for architects that understand holistic ecological design.